15 August, 2022

The dream of so many spectators comes true, Bela and Sanyo join paths to play together in 2021.

We thought we weren’t going to see this couple competing on the World Padel Tour, but we were wrong and this dream is already a reality.

But what can we expect from the pair – can they make it to No. 1 in 2021, and have their paths come together too late?

The reality is that we are possibly facing one of the best levels of play ever seen in professional padel.

The level of the WPT has been growing a lot in recent years and every season it is more difficult to be among the top of the ranking.


But what can we expect from Bela and Sanyo, how will the pair play and what could be their strengths and weaknesses? And more importantly, could they become world No. 1?

In THE PADEL INTERVIEW, we are going to offer you 4 reasons why this new couple could become the leaders of the world padel:

  • Both players have a lot of experience in this sport: they have demonstrated on countless occasions why they have become two of the most important names in professional padel in recent years.
  • Both Sanyo and Bela handle very well the critical moments of the matches: they don’t usually hesitate in those moments and they have something special that many experts consider as innate talent.
  • Both know what it means to be number 1 and want to get back to this position: the truth is that both Bela and Sanyo are two winners with a lot of character who don’t like to lose, not even in a game of tag.
  • They complement each other very well as a couple: we could see it in the 2016 World Championship, in the match in which they beat Paquito Navarro and Juan Martin Diaz in the final of the World Championship between Argentina and Spain.

It was in that match when we could see the level that Bela and Sanyo could show on the court. It’s tempting to imagine the potential of this duo if they trained together for a full season.

We can’t wait to see the pair in action!

Javier Rosado Fernández
Coordinator TPI


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