29 September, 2022

Today we are using the padel balls an average of 2 to 4 games.

At the extremes we have people who open a pot of new balls in each game and others who play with balls that were released weeks ago and no longer have pressure, but they are the least.

Balls lose pressure for two reasons: use and time.

For the use: when we play we hit the ball against the padel and against the walls and the floor. When we hit the ball against these surfaces, it deforms, compresses, and expels the compressed air from its interior through the small pores that the rubber has.

And through the cracks in the rubber that may have occurred due to excessive deformation of the ball if we have played with it when there was not enough pressure.

The rate of loss of this internal pressure will depend on the strength of the hits you receive and the level of internal pressure you have before you start playing. The greater the force, the greater the loss. And the greater the internal pressure the ball has the faster it will lose it (that’s why we notice a greater drop in rebound on new balls and less when they have been used before).

Because of time: Since we open a bounce of balls (which is pressurized precisely so that they do not lose pressure since they leave the factory) the ball begins to lose its internal pressure, even if we do not use it.

We already know how padel balls lose pressure. But how can we get it back?

This is because the internal pressure of the balls begins to equal the atmospheric pressure, which is less than the internal pressure. So, if you open a pot of balls, and even if you don’t use them, in 2 or 3 weeks they will be loose and will not bounce properly.

Well, simply by putting the air you have lost back in the same place where it was lost. Through the pores of the rubber. (If the ball is deteriorated and has cracks – as we indicated before – it cannot be recovered)

But of course, it’s not that simple anymore. The pores in rubber are very small. Rubber is a flexible material and if we force it by putting more pressure on it than it should be we can deform the ball and crack the rubber and then in addition to not achieving the goal we would be killing the ball.

“The balls can be recovered by a delicate and precise process of repressurization”

Fernando Blanca

Therefore, we can recover the balls that have lost pressure by reintroducing the appropriate pressure through a very delicate and precise process of repressurization, for which a system is needed that generates a totally hermetic, safe environment and that guarantees the precise registration of the pressure transfer from that environment to the interior of the ball until it reaches the appropriate levels without affecting the structure and materials of the ball.

The way we use and consume padel balls is going to change forever. Padel balls can be inflated and used, again and again, just like we do with soccer or basketball balls.

It only takes a small mental change, and we are in times of change, of evolution.

Fernando Blanca, director de World of Padel (WOP) and head of marketing & business development of Pascal Box


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