6 October, 2022

If we talk about an inclusive sport we can’t forget about padel. ASPADO is a padel association founded in 2004, whose objective is the social integration of people with disabilities through padel. It has 18 schools of adapted padel and more than 250 athletes between 5 and 70 years old

ASPADO is currently chaired by Maria de la Rocha. A doctor by profession, she was a first class player and national children’s coach, as well as an international referee. She was awarded the medal of sporting merit and in 2004 created a methodology of padel adapted for people with intellectual, physical and functional disabilities.

The teaching model is divided into various levels referring to the abilities of the sportsmen and women, and which are committed to promoting sport and encouraging the creation of a place where people with disabilities feel integrated and have a space for personal development.

Source: ASPADO

Without a doubt, the indispensable factor of this association is the monitors. ASPADO organises one course a year to train professionals and to respond to the specific needs of the different disabilities with which they work. Nearly 300 monitors have been trained throughout Spain and Europe.

“ASPADO organizes one course a year to train adapted padel instructors. Nearly 300 instructors have been trained all over Spain and Europe”

Thanks to the support of more than 200 partners and the collaboration of public institutions and sponsors, ASPADO is positioned as the Spanish association with the most national and international projection, since the foundation of its first school in 2007 until today.

Social integration is the key to ASPADO’s existence, and giving visibility is the driving force.


The main objective of the association is to expand nationally as they have a presence in Andalusia and Madrid.

In addition, ASPADO, organizes two international tournaments per year; in the standing modality, 150 players with physical and intellectual disabilities meet. One of them is in Madrid and the other in San Fernando (Cádiz). They have delegations from Portugal and soon there will be a delegation in Argentina.

Source: ASPADO


ASPADO, together with the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, has conducted a study on the resilience of adapted padel coaches.

The study was carried out based on the opinion of more than 150 adapted padel instructors and has been selected to be presented at the “I National Congress of Padel Research”. The main objective of this congress is to encourage and promote research and scientific knowledge of this sport.

Sara Serrano Amo


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