29 September, 2022

Choosing the right shoes is one of the main concerns of padel players. One of the most difficult decisions when in the market there are many brand and model options to choose from. But this time, we will focus on two of the top models of one of the most prestigious brands, Asics.

The Padel Lima and the Resolution are two of the best selling Asics padel shoes ever. Which one is better? How do they differ?

Field battle Gel Lima Padel 2 vs Gel Resolution 8

Both the Asics Gel Padel File and the Asics Gel Resolution 8 Clay are perfect for playing padel. Both models belong to a high range, for professional players who play at the competition level. However, they have a few different features that make them unique.

Damping and energy return

Cushioning is one of the qualities that no shoe should be without, an important element for a sport as intense as padel. Both models have this part covered very well.

The Gel Padel File 2 combines different components to achieve a comfortable and explosive tread. First, a full-length Solyte midsole, an absorbent foam for the heaviest impacts. Added to this is the famous Gel compound in the forefoot area, for better absorption of the footprint.

But that’s not all, there’s also an Eva midsole and an Ortholite sockliner, which not only increases comfort but also improves the internal moisture management system.

All these elements make Pablo Lima’s shoes an excellent option for those looking for a comfortable and bouncy footprint.

Asics Gel Resolution 8 Clay combines only three components for cushioning. The first is a Flytefoam midsole, another highly absorbent foam, just as effective as Solyte. In this model, the Gel compound is not only incorporated in the front, but also in the back.

Pablo Lima’s slippers compensate for this characteristic with their Eva inner sole, which is not available in the Resolution. Finally, an Ortholite insole is also incorporated to offer a plus of softness.

Asics Gel Lima Padel 2

Estabilidad y soporte

This is another important area for any padel player since, in this sport, lateral movements and supports require a stable shoe.

The Gel Padel File has only one compound that is totally directed to the stability of the footprint. It is the Trusstic System, a piece located under the middle of the foot, with the objective of giving more support to the heel area. However, these shoes also have a very stable upper construction, which also helps with the support and hold.

On the other hand, the Gel Resolutions are the queens of stability. This is achieved with Dynawall, a compound also located in the middle of the foot, right in the arch area, which, in fact, can be identified from the outside.

This piece offers magnificent support, both in lateral and frontal movements. In addition, the upper features Dynawrap technology, a construction that holds the foot in place.

Same sole for both models

As for the sole, both the Padel Files and the Resolution Gel have the same characteristics. The AHAR sole has been chosen for both models. This is Asics’ most famous sole for racket sports, a sole that is characterized by its great durability, resistance, but above all, traction.

The sole of both models has a clay-spike pattern, the most recommended for the surface of the padel courts. So, we can conclude that both models comply with this point, to optimize the turns, the adherence and the slides.

Asics Gel Resolution 8

Conclusion: which is the winning shoe?

In conclusion, we can say that whatever the choice, it will be the right decision. We do not dare to choose a winner, since both models perfectly meet all the requirements of padel.

You could say that Padel Files have more cushioning components, but Resolution Files have an excellent stability system. So, any of them will be an excellent choice, they offer a good balance between cushioning and support.


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