4 October, 2022

Adidas presents its most groundbreaking collection. New models and technologies, commitment to the environment and incredible designs are just some of the headlines of a collection that will reach all types of players.

The challenge, once again, was complicated and the expectations were very high. The adidas padel family has definitely spoiled us.

Since they entered the market in 2014, they have surpassed themselves every season, working year after year to be able to cover the needs of all types of players, bringing to excellence the performance of their padel rackets, and you know what? They have done it again!

Source: adidas padel

Not only does the new collection stand out, but also the way it is told. This year they wanted to go further and it’s the adidas padel team’s own professional players who are telling us first-hand the secrets of the new 2021 collection from their headquarters.

Do not miss the video of the presentation of the 2021 collection of adidas padel that in THE PADEL INTERVIEW we leave you here below.

Source: adidas padel

I’m sure many of you are wondering what will be the shovel of the world’s number 1 Ale Galán. The player from Madrid is on his debut.

In 2021, he will be wielding the new METALBONE, the new adidas family that is set to revolutionize the track. Its Weight & Balance System, allows you to change the balance and weight of the blade according to the needs of each game.

Source: adidas padel

Octogonal Structure technology provides the ultimate power you’ve been looking for in your attacking shots. adidas introduces the new family with 2 formats. METALBONE AND METALBONE CTRL, play it your way, PLAY YOUR WAY


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